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Welcome to Fences & Gates Pro, Kirkland’s premier destination for fabrication of metal fences and gates. Choose either the enduring strength of iron or the contemporary appeal of aluminum to suit your fence and gate project in Kirkland. Our expertise covers everything from residential to commercial fencing and gates, ensuring your Kirkland property’s security and style are seamlessly integrated. Experience the perfect blend of durability and design with our range of aluminum and iron fences and gates solutions.

We specialize in Metal Fences and Gates

At Fences & Gates Pro, we specialize in fabrication of superior iron and aluminum fences and gates in Kirkland, WA. From the elegance of aluminum fences to the strength of iron gates, our expertise covers residential, commercial and industrial projects in Kirkland.

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Iron & Aluminum Fences and Gates Contractor

Ready to transform your property in Kirkland with iron or aluminum fences and gates? Requesting a free quote is the first step toward enhancing your Kirkland property with high quality metal fences and gates.  Contact our team at Fences & Gates Pro now to request your free quote for our exceptional iron and aluminum fences and gates.

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Keep Posts Update Stripes

At Fences & Gates Pro, you can keep existing wooden posts while updating the traditional wooden slats with new aluminum stripes. By retaining existing wooden posts and replacing only the slats, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of your fence or gate project in Kirkland. This is a budget-friendly alternative to replacing the entire fence structure, making it an attractive choice for Kirkland homeowners looking to update their fencing.

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