Custom Metal Entry Gate in Tacoma, WA

custom metal entry gate

Custom Metal Entry Gate in Tacoma, WA

Fences & Gates Pro recently brought to life a unique vision for a customer in Tacoma, WA with the fabrication and installation of a custom metal entry gate. The gate, which now stands proudly as a welcoming feature of the building, combines both security and style.

This custom entry gate is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, featuring a sophisticated geometric design with a repeating pattern that offers both privacy and aesthetic appeal. The intricate metalwork creates a lattice effect, casting an array of shadows and letting through light to create a welcoming entry point. The gate’s robust frame and hinges suggest durability and security, while the curved arch at the top softens the overall appearance, inviting guests into the space beyond. Finished in a bold, matte black, it stands as a statement piece that contrasts beautifully against the lighter walls that frame it, providing a modern and stylish entrance to the property.

If you’re in Tacoma and want something unique for your fence or gate, give us a call today!

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